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The peptide targets the same voltage-gated calcium channel as hvt does, biological pest control definition as well as a voltage-gated potassium channel. Long-term, the researchers hope to develop pest control dallas ga and market plants that carry this peptide, specifically plants that already have bt toxin genes incorporated, but for now, they are expressing it in yeast and looking to market it as a spray-on insecticide “as a first step,” kennedy reiterates.
“our target market is high-value vegetable crops.”

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In the mid-1990s, researchers began commercializing plants that expressed toxin proteins from the bacterium bacillus thuringiensis (bt). The toxins confer resistance to specific pests such as corn borers, cotton pest control melbourne bollworms, and potato beetles. Now grow millions of acres of bt corn, cotton, and potatoes every year. But the bt proteins cannot protect against all pests, in particular species outside of order lepidoptera (moths and butterflies), and rentokil pest control in recent years reports of bt resistance in at least five major pest species have scientists looking for ways to enhance the crops’ protection.

Some researchers have turned to spiders, the most speciose venomous animal on the planet, for help. The arachnoserver, a database of sequence, structural, and functional information for spider venom peptides and proteins, currently includes nearly 950 toxins from 86 species, and the insecticidal potential of a handful of these has been environmentally friendly pest control well documented, including that of ω-hexatoxin-hv1a (hvt), a peptide in the venom of the australia’s blue mountains, funnel-web spider ( hadronyche versuta).

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